Kaydet (Commit) 60003805 authored tarafından sulincix's avatar sulincix


üst bed7d171
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ elif [ "$minimal" == true ]; then
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/{crypto,fs,lib} ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/drivers/input/{keyboard,serio} ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/drivers/{block,ata,md,firewire} ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/drivers/{scsi,pcmcia,virtio,hid} ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/drivers/{scsi,pcmcia,virtio} ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
cp -prf ${MODDIR}/kernel/drivers/usb/ ${WORKDIR}/${MODDIR}
debug "Install main modules"
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