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    tdf106792 Get rid of SvxShapePolyPolygonBezier · 36bade04
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    SvxShapePolyPolygonBezier was an implementation for the UNO
    Shape group of polygons with bezier parts (filled/unfilled/
    closed/open), e.g. com.sun.star.drawing.OpenBezierShape.
    It was differing from SvxShapePolyPolygon just by supporting
    drawing::PolyPolygonBezierCoords instead of the simple
    drawing::PointSequenceSequence and some details.
    This leads to problems - the ShapeType *does change* e.g.
    when you edit a non-bezier Shape in Draw/Impress and change
    parts to curve (also when closing, see ShapeTypes above).
    This is why SvxShape::getShapeType() already detects this
    identifier by using thze internal ShapePolyType (e.g.
    So there is no reason to have two separate UNO API imple-
    mentations for sthe same type of SvxShape at all. Get rid
    of the extra one and unify this implementation detail.
    Also cleaned up double basegfx tooling for conversions of
    UNO API Poly/bezier data and B2DPolygon.
    Adapted test for "tdf113946.docx", see comment there.
    Adapted test for "tdf90097.rtf", see comment there. Also
    needed to use the Linux values, also check comment there.
    Adapted test for "tdf105127.docx", see comment there.
    Adapted test for "tdf85232.docx", see comment there.
    Had to fic a problem with test for "tdf96674.docx"- the
    adaption of the RotateAngle for line objects goes havoc
    together with the UNO API when scaling is involved. That
    old aGeo rotate stuff just kills the existing rotation due
    to numerical inprecise stuff. The UNP API - in trying not
    just to apply a rptation, but manipulate the existing one
    then goes wrong in not re-getting the current rotation
    value anymore. ARGH! This is the original reason for the
    ols tdf#96674 task - i doubt that the additional code to
    make a line not exactly hor/ver is needed.
    Checked and it is not needed, thus removed the change from
    tdf#96674 in shape.cxx.
    Change-Id: I2bb8d4cfe33fee3671f3dad60e5c18609a394f9d
    Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/56614
    Tested-by: Jenkins
    Reviewed-by: 's avatarArmin Le Grand <Armin.Le.Grand@cib.de>
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