Kaydet (Commit) 1aca5503 authored tarafından Your Name's avatar Your Name

improve default target

üst d071d168
......@@ -21,15 +21,22 @@ __write_remove(){
mkdir $PKGDIR/info/
echo "----begin----" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Build date : $(date)" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Build date: $(date)" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Maintainer name: $maintainer" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Maintainer email: $email" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "----info----" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Name: $name" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Version: $version" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Summary: $summary" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "Description: $description" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "----dependencies----" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
for dep in ${depends[@]}
echo "$dep" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "----files----" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
find >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
find -type f | xargs md5sum >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
echo "----end----" >> $PKGDIR/info/$name
__write_remove >> $PKGDIR/info/$name.remove
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