Kaydet (Commit) 231fb4e1 authored tarafından Clement Lefebvre's avatar Clement Lefebvre


üst 154a8920
live-installer (2020.03.13) debbie; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* LUKS: Make use of badblocks optional
* l10n: Update POT
[ Michael Webster ]
* user creation page: Add a placeholder to the checkmark column so the checks don't push all of the content to the left when they appear.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Timezone: Give button box a spread layout
* l10n: Update translations
-- Clement Lefebvre <root@linuxmint.com> Fri, 13 Mar 2020 11:32:03 +0000
live-installer (2020.03.09) debbie; urgency=medium
* Fix padding in timezone and slideshow
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