Kaydet (Commit) e0bac079 authored tarafından Eray Özkural's avatar Eray Özkural

* workaround: add an option called --ignore-file-conflicts. use

responsibly. :P
* an --at option for add-repo for the position of repo to be inserted
in the list of repos. (we already got it in the API, this is just CLI)
üst f6e35ae3
......@@ -163,8 +163,12 @@ class Install(AtomicOperation):
if file_conflicts:
file_conflicts_str = ""
for (pkg, existing_file) in file_conflicts:
file_conflicts_str += _("%s from %s package") % (existing_file.path, pkg)
raise Error(_('File conflicts:\n%s') % file_conflicts_str)
file_conflicts_str += _("%s from %s package") % (existing_file.path, pkg)
msg = _('File conflicts:\n%s') % file_conflicts_str
if ctx.get_option('ignore_file_conflicts'):
raise Error(msg)
def check_reinstall(self):
"check reinstall, confirm action, and schedule reinstall"
......@@ -521,6 +521,8 @@ expanded to package names.
default=False, help=_("Bypass ldconfig phase"))
p.add_option("", "--reinstall", action="store_true",
default=False, help=_("Reinstall already installed packages"))
p.add_option("", "--ignore-file-conflicts", action="store_true",
default=False, help=_("Ignore file conflicts"))
def run(self):
......@@ -915,8 +917,8 @@ If no repository is given, all repositories are updated.
name = ("update-repo", "ur")
def options(self):
self.parser.add_option("-f", "--force", action="store_true",
self.parser.add_option("-f", "--force", action="store",
help=_("update database in any case"))
def run(self):
......@@ -951,6 +953,11 @@ NB: We support only local files (e.g., /a/b/c) and http:// URIs at the moment
name = ("add-repo", "ar")
def options(self):
self.parser.add_option("", "--at", action="store",
type="int", default=False,
help=_("add repository at given position (0 is first)"))
def run(self):
if len(self.args)==2 or len(self.args)==0:
......@@ -961,7 +968,7 @@ NB: We support only local files (e.g., /a/b/c) and http:// URIs at the moment
name = 'pardus-1-test'
indexuri = 'http://paketler.pardus.org.tr/pardus-1-test/pisi-index.xml.bz2'
pisi.api.add_repo(name, indexuri)
pisi.api.add_repo(name, indexuri, ctx.get_option('at'))
if ctx.ui.confirm(_('Update PISI database for repository %s?') % name):
......@@ -82,13 +82,12 @@ class RepoDB(object):
raise Error(_('Repository %s already exists') % name)
self.d.put("repo-" + name, repo_info, txn)
order = self.d.get("order", txn)
if at:
if at == None:
if at<0 or at>len(order):
raise Error(_("Cannot add repository at position %s" % at))
order.insert(name, at)
order.insert(at, name)
self.d.put("order", order, txn)
self.d.txn_proc(proc, txn)
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