Kaydet (Commit) c84b331b authored tarafından Suleyman Poyraz's avatar Suleyman Poyraz

added 32bit-dbginfo to same place with other packages

üst d7006428
......@@ -872,7 +872,7 @@ def parse_package_name(package_name):
def parse_package_dir_path(package_name):
name = parse_package_name(package_name)[0]
if name.split("-").pop() in ["devel", "32bit", "doc", "docs", "pages", "static", "dbginfo",
if name.split("-").pop() in ["devel", "32bit", "doc", "docs", "pages", "static", "dbginfo", "32bit-dbginfo",
"userspace"]: name = name[:-1 - len(name.split("-").pop())]
return "{0}/{1}".format(name[0:4].lower() if name.startswith("lib") and len(name) > 3 else name.lower()[0],
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