Kaydet (Commit) 94f85db8 authored tarafından Ozan Çağlayan's avatar Ozan Çağlayan

Don't append dbginfo to the debug packages' partOf data

üst 7aa5b72a
2009-10-15 Ozan Çağlayan <ozan@pardus.org.tr>
* pisi/operations/build.py (Builder.generate_debug_package_object):
Don't append dbginfo to the debug packages' component.
2009-09-25 Gökçen Eraslan <gokcen@pardus.org.tr>
* pisi/actionsapi/pisitools.py: In dosym method, file that already exists is the
destination file, not the source file. Print the correct error message
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ class Builder:
import catbox
ctx.ui.info(_("Sandbox enabled build..."))
# Configure allowed paths from sandbox.conf
......@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ class Builder:
# FIXME: find a better way to deal with the summary and description constants.
debug_package_obj.summary['en'] = u'Debug files for %s' % (self.spec.source.name)
debug_package_obj.description['en'] = u'Debug files for %s' % (self.spec.source.name)
debug_package_obj.partOf = self.spec.source.partOf + ctx.const.debug_name_suffix
debug_package_obj.partOf = self.spec.source.partOf
for f in debug_files:
debug_package_obj.files.append(pisi.specfile.Path(path = f[len(self.pkg_debug_dir()):], fileType = "debug"))
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