Unverified Kaydet (Commit) 17929fed authored tarafından Suleyman Poyraz's avatar Suleyman Poyraz

Gereksiz username ve password parametresi silindi.

üst 623ae7b3
......@@ -128,8 +128,6 @@ class Command(object):
def process_opts(self):
# make destdir absolute
if self.options.destdir:
d = str(self.options.destdir)
......@@ -138,32 +136,8 @@ class Command(object):
self.options.destdir = os.path.realpath(d)
def check_auth_info(self):
username = self.options.username
password = self.options.password
# TODO: We'll get the username, password pair from a configuration
# file from users home directory. Currently we need user to
# give it from the user interface.
# if not username and not password:
# if someauthconfig.username and someauthconfig.password:
# self.authInfo = (someauthconfig.username,
# someauthconfig.password)
# return
if username and password:
self.options.authinfo = (username, password)
if username and not password:
from getpass import getpass
password = getpass(_("Password: "))
self.options.authinfo = (username, password)
self.options.authinfo = None
def init(self, database=True, write=True, locked=False):
"""initialize INARY components"""
if self.options:
ui = inary.cli.CLI(self.options.debug, self.options.verbose)
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