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    Remove odd service names (that duplicate type names) · 2dde51e1
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    Looks like no code instantiated these via those odd service names (except for
    ProgressMonitor/StatusIndicator instantiating ProgressBar via odd
    "com.sun.star.awt.XProgressBar" service name until that got cleaned up in the
    previous commit).
    Also looks like no code instantiates them via their implementation names either
    (in which case ProgressBar/ProgressMonitor/StatusIndicator would be dead code),
    but maybe there is code that dynamically constructs those implemenation names
    and calls creeateInstance on them?  So best leave the implementations in for
    Change-Id: I20b92345e343b1f776387f63d9b02a5b0a47fe21
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