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    Adapt external/beanshell to Java 9 · f20810a1
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    For one, drop a spurious target="1.5" so that ant instead uses the passed-in
    JAVA_TARGET_VER (which needs to be 1.6 for Java 9).
    For another, the deprecated java.awt.Component.getPeer method finally got
    removed, so bsh.util.AWTConsole would no longer compile.  But it looks like that
    class is not used by us anyway, so just remove the problematic code.
    (workdir/UnpackedTarball/beanshell/docs/manual/bshmanual.html: "Web Browser
    Access:  After starting the server you can connect your web browser to the port
    you specified.   BeanShell will respond by sending an HTML page offering you a
    choice of the Swing based JConsole or the older AWTConsole.  You may choose
    whichever is appropriate for your web browser.  [...]  The bsh.util.AWTConsole
    is a legacy implementation of the GUI Console using AWT instead of Swing.  This
    console does work, but it is not as slick or pretty as the JConsole.  The
    primary reason it is still here is to support remote access from generic web
    browsers using only Java 1.1.")
    Change-Id: I9f1112caebae9a55e4eec7f9baa0114b2254ccda
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