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    fdo#46808, Deprecate configuration::ConfigurationProvider old-style service · 0ac9a10d
    Noel Grandin yazdı
    ...in favor of existing new-style configuration::theDefaultProvider singleton.
    Theoretically, ConfigurationProvider instances can be created with specific
    Locale and EnableAsync arguments, but this is hardly used in practice, and thus
    effectively all uses of the ConfigurationProvider service use the
    theDefaultProvider instance, anyway.
    theDefaultProvider is restricted to the XMultiServiceFactory interface, while
    ConfigurationProvider also makes available XComponent.  However, dispose must
    not be called manually on theDefaultProvider singleton anyway, and calls to
    add-/removeEventListener are so few (and in dubious code that should better be
    cleaned up) that requiring an explicit queryInterface does not really hurt
    This commit originated as a patch by Noel Grandin to "Adapt
    configuration::ConfigurationProvider UNO service to new style [by creating] a
    merged XConfigurationProvider interface for this service to implement."  It was
    then modified by Stephan Bergmann by deprecating ConfigurationProvider instead
    of adding XConfigurationProvider and by replacing calls to
    ConfigurationProvider::create with calls to theDefaultProvider::get.
    Change-Id: I9c16700afe0faff1ef6f20338a66bd7a9af990bd
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