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    GSoC Writer Table Styles; Table Styles Panel · e7ea91f2
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    Table styles panel:
    + Added simple table style panel tab icon.
    + Listing table styles (hierarchical, same order as in container)
    + Listing all table styles (sorted by name).
    + Listing applied table styles.
    + Listing custom styles.
    + Listing hidden styles.
    + Hide/show style.
    + Applying style by double clicking.
    + Highlight current table style.
    Everything else yet to be done.
    Table styles (SwTableAutoFormat):
    + "hidden" property.
    + "userDefined" property. "Default style" is not user defined. Styles loaded
    from tblauto.fmt are also not user defined. Styles loaded from .odt are user
    defined. Styles created manually (before binary load/save roundtrip) are user
    Change-Id: I739a48ae1d7ae66f4f8c08076871437ca491bd4e
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