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    tdf#108580 related: improve existing redist detection · 1f8a3657
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    This uses VC Runtime upgrade code (checked using Upgrade table) to
    find installed redist, instead of checking registry keys that change
    between versions (while the runtime is still compatible, as with 2015
    and 2017).
    Also, it checks if UCRT is present. Now, if either VC Runtime or UCRT
    is absent, we try to install the redist. This would allow to install
    UCRT in scenarios when first install was attempted on a system not
    suitable for UCRT (like Win7 w/o SP1, or Win8.1 w/o April 2014 update
    rollup), where VC Runtime gets installed, but UCRT is still missing.
    We use the ucrtbase.dll version to check that; and as the expected
    version is 10.x, we take into account that Win10 lies about versions.
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