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    Memoize ignoreLocation results · 07b87115
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...which, according to callgrind, reduces instruction fetch count spent on
    compiling sw/source/core/layout/paintfrm.cxx (randomly selected because it is
    rather large) by 5% from 41,992,064,226 to 39,861,989,855 (function main() in
    This is best done by forwarding ignoreLocation calls from Plugin to the
    PluginHandler signleton, but due to the tight mutual coupling between plugin.hxx
    and pluginhandler.hxx that unfortunately required some reorganization (and two
    outstanding TODO clean-ups of temporarily introduced using declarations in
    Change-Id: Ia4270517d194def7db7ed80cb6894e9c473e9499
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