Kaydet (Commit) fe76db07 authored tarafından Julien Nabet's avatar Julien Nabet

one ; is sufficient

Change-Id: I52d00d5092a84a544f809ad066cb825b8ad6338f
üst 133d59ad
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ OUString SAL_CALL FrameGrabber::getImplementationName( )
sal_Bool SAL_CALL FrameGrabber::supportsService( const OUString& ServiceName )
throw (uno::RuntimeException)
return cppu::supportsService(this, ServiceName);;
return cppu::supportsService(this, ServiceName);
uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL FrameGrabber::getSupportedServiceNames()
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