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Added READMEs for modules related to URE, with content from the wiki

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Bridges from various C++ ABIs, Java JNI, MS .Net to UNO and back.
Also implementation of the UNO Remote Protocol. And in ooo-build a bridge from Mono to UNO and back.
Common Lang Infrastructure Uno Runtime Environment - support assemblies and tools for the MS .Net (and Mono) UNO binding.
See also:
UNO interface declaration/stub generators for C++ (headers), Java (class files), ... the one for .Net is in cli_ure.
Type definitions/implementations for the core of UNO. The exported API is in C.
See also:
Helpers for using cppu in C++, e.g. templates for implementing UNO components, bootstrapping stuff. Get UNO up and running.
See also:
Old way of doing component registration. Nowadays replaced by another stand-alone UI and tools called UNO package.
Contains the IDL compiler.
Simple IO wrappers.
Makes it easier to use UNO with Java.
JURT means Java Uno Runtime and implements most of Java UNO.
Wrappers so you can use all the Java Runtime Environments with their slightly incompatible APIs with more ease.
Wrappers so you can use all the Java Runtime Environments with their slightly incompatible APIs with more ease.
Contains all of the IDL files except those in [[udkapi]]
i.e. the interfaces that are specific to the OppenOffice.org application.
An artificial (?) separation.
UNO bindings for the Python programming language.
Makes registries for openoffice for storing type data
See also:
Registry reading, etc.
UNO services dealing with interprocess bridges.
Implements types for the Java Uno typesystem.
System abstraction layer; rtl, osl and sal
Platform independent strings
platform specific stuff, threads, dynamic loading, process, ipc, etc
Exports only C API and some inline-methods (only C++ API).
C++ helpers to make use of sal easier.
Registries, reflection, introspection implementation for UNO.
Streams, mmaps, etc.
Low level UNO stuff API IDL files
i.e. those that are part of the standalone URE.
See also:
As offuh but for Java UNO: Maps IDL into java classes definitions.
Contains the UNO Runtime Environment (URE).
Beginnings of standalone UNO distribution.
See also:
You may also want to read the README located at:
Part of the LibreOffice SDK.
Mostly used by makefiles to pull out types from xml.
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