Kaydet (Commit) f7024571 authored tarafından Fridrich Štrba's avatar Fridrich Štrba

Fix mingw64 build of accessibility

Change-Id: Ief6a4fe62ceb5bf3bd90530db622c7c178e7430e
üst 9206f8c2
......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ void handleWindowEvent(Window * pWindow, bool bShow)
// the event listener would not have been attached.
(bShow) ? g_jmRegisterTopWindow : g_jmRevokeTopWindow,
(jint) GetHWND(pWindow), joXAccessible );
(jclass) GetHWND(pWindow), joXAccessible );
// Clear any exception that might have been occurred.
if (pJNIEnv->ExceptionCheck()) {
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