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ScStatisticsTwoVariableDialog no longer used

Change-Id: Id0aff27f71263769c74ce0a4fc8240ce4fe2110e
Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/70540Reviewed-by: 's avatarCaolán McNamara <caolanm@redhat.com>
Tested-by: 's avatarCaolán McNamara <caolanm@redhat.com>
üst c2d2f91a
......@@ -17,78 +17,6 @@
#include <vcl/fixed.hxx>
class ScStatisticsTwoVariableDialog : public ScAnyRefDlg
enum GroupedBy {
SfxBindings* pB, SfxChildWindow* pCW,
vcl::Window* pParent, ScViewData* pViewData,
const OUString& rID, const OUString& rUIXMLDescription );
virtual ~ScStatisticsTwoVariableDialog() override;
virtual void dispose() override;
virtual void SetReference( const ScRange& rRef, ScDocument* pDoc ) override;
virtual void SetActive() override;
void CalculateInputAndWriteToOutput();
virtual ScRange ApplyOutput(ScDocShell* pDocShell) = 0;
virtual const char* GetUndoNameId() = 0;
virtual bool InputRangesValid();
void ValidateDialogInput();
// Widgets
VclPtr<FixedText> mpVariable1RangeLabel;
VclPtr<formula::RefEdit> mpVariable1RangeEdit;
VclPtr<formula::RefButton> mpVariable1RangeButton;
VclPtr<FixedText> mpVariable2RangeLabel;
VclPtr<formula::RefEdit> mpVariable2RangeEdit;
VclPtr<formula::RefButton> mpVariable2RangeButton;
VclPtr<FixedText> mpOutputRangeLabel;
VclPtr<formula::RefEdit> mpOutputRangeEdit;
VclPtr<formula::RefButton> mpOutputRangeButton;
// Data
ScViewData* const mViewData;
ScDocument* const mDocument;
ScRange mVariable1Range;
ScRange mVariable2Range;
ScAddress::Details const mAddressDetails;
ScAddress mOutputAddress;
GroupedBy mGroupedBy;
// Widgets
VclPtr<OKButton> mpButtonOk;
VclPtr<RadioButton> mpGroupByColumnsRadio;
VclPtr<RadioButton> mpGroupByRowsRadio;
VclPtr<formula::RefEdit> mpActiveEdit;
ScAddress const mCurrentAddress;
bool mDialogLostFocus;
void Init();
void GetRangeFromSelection();
DECL_LINK( GroupByChanged, RadioButton&, void );
DECL_LINK( OkClicked, Button*, void );
DECL_LINK( GetFocusHandler, Control&, void );
DECL_LINK( LoseFocusHandler, Control&, void );
DECL_LINK( RefInputModifyHandler, Edit&, void );
class ScStatisticsTwoVariableDialogController : public ScAnyRefDlgController
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