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minor documentation tweaks

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External package containing font metrics
External package containing font metrics.
Java wizards for db setup, importing, tutorials, etc.
There are also partially converted python copies of each wizard, which
we are hoping to migrate to in order to remove the Java dependency here.
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Help reader and viewer for online help.
Help reader and viewer for online help.
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fast/small XML pull parser.
Implements a simple, fast pull parser, currently used by [[configmgr]] and
[[stoc]]'s simpleregistry code (used to register UNO components in
services.rdb files). It supports a subset of XML features, but is fast
and small.
PDF-viewer library from [http://www.foolabs.com/xpdf/].
This code is -used by [[sdext/source/pdfimport]] to implement the PDF
import functionality, that allows PDF's to be edited.
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