Kaydet (Commit) e097ec36 authored tarafından Michael Stahl's avatar Michael Stahl

tweak some build.lsts...

Change-Id: Ia9b5b2775ad91661bf3d130417a1624fa4d855d2
üst 5e6401ff
bo boost : solenv soltools NULL
bo boost usr1 - all bo_mkout NULL
bo boost nmake - all bo_boost NULL
bo boost\prj nmake - all bo_boost NULL
xc curl : external NULL
xc curl usr1 - all xc_mkout NULL
xc curl nmake - all xc_curl NULL
xc curl\prj nmake - all xc_curl NULL
ep epm : solenv NULL
ep epm nmake - u ep_mkout NULL
ep epm\prj nmake - u ep_mkout NULL
fc fontconfig : FREETYPE:freetype EXPAT:expat NULL
fc fontconfig usr1 - u fc_mkout NULL
fc fontconfig nmake - u fc_libfontconfig NULL
fc fontconfig\prj nmake - u fc_libfontconfig NULL
ft freetype : solenv NULL
ft freetype nmake - u ft_libfreetype NULL
ft freetype\prj nmake - u ft_libfreetype NULL
gr graphite : solenv soltools NULL
gr graphite usr1 - all gr_mkout NULL
gr graphite nmake - all gr_graphite NULL
gr graphite\prj nmake - all gr_graphite NULL
hun hunspell : solenv ICU:icu NULL
hun hunspell usr1 - all hun_mkout NULL
hun hunspell nmake - all hun_hunspell NULL
hun hunspell\prj nmake - all hun_hunspell NULL
hyp hyphen : soltools solenv NULL
hyp hyphen usr1 - all hyp_mkout NULL
hyp hyphen nmake - all hyp_hyphen NULL
hyp hyphen\prj nmake - all hyp_hyphen NULL
ltc libexttextcat : soltools solenv NULL
ltc libexttextcat usr1 - all ltc_mkout NULL
ltc libexttextcat nmake - all ltc_libtextcat NULL
ltc libexttextcat\prj nmake - all ltc_libtextcat NULL
lps lpsolve : solenv NULL
lps lpsolve usr1 - all lps_mkout NULL
lps lpsolve nmake - all lps_lpsolve NULL
lps lpsolve\prj nmake - all lps_lpsolve NULL
myt mythes : soltools solenv HUNSPELL:hunspell NULL
myt mythes usr1 - all myt_mkout NULL
myt mythes nmake - all myt_mythes NULL
myt mythes\prj nmake - all myt_mythes NULL
ol openldap : soltools NSS:nss NULL
ol openldap usr1 - u ol_mkout NULL
ol openldap nmake - u ol_openldap NULL
ol openldap\prj nmake - u ol_openldap NULL
my postgresql : solenv sal OPENLDAP:openldap OPENSSL:openssl NULL
my postgresql nmake - all my_mkout NULL
my postgresql\prj nmake - all my_mkout NULL
zl zlib : soltools NULL
zl zlib nmake - all zl_mkout NULL
zl zlib\prj nmake - all zl_mkout NULL
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