Kaydet (Commit) c7be4968 authored tarafından Fridrich Štrba's avatar Fridrich Štrba

Don't bail out when you don't find uiconfig translations

Change-Id: I54bf71bdd7e088ab5c11234ec31963817a314006
üst 52a05934
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ sub get_lang_files
find_lang_files($files_hash_ref, $lang);
if ( !keys %$files_hash_ref ) {
print_error("can't find any lang config files in '$files_path'", 3);
print_message("can't find any lang config files in '$files_path'", 3);
return wantarray ? @main::file_list : \@main::file_list;
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