Kaydet (Commit) b8431e03 authored tarafından jan Iversen's avatar jan Iversen

iOS, allow "make" call in ios directory

config_host.mk is not read before Custom_target_ios_link, which gives
problems with the global variables

Change-Id: I9738b5123f4e7aa848de17b00b39b8a03b3a477c
üst bc6f3c0f
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ $(IOSKIT): $(IOSOBJ) $(IOSLIBS)
-single_module \
-compatibility_version 1 \
-current_version 1 \
`$(SRCDIR)/bin/lo-all-static-libs` \
-o $(IOSKIT)
ifeq ($(origin IOS_CODEID),undefined)
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