Kaydet (Commit) b59722cd authored tarafından jan Iversen's avatar jan Iversen

android, fix codemaker buildbreaker

Interesting android does not use --enable-java

Change-Id: If834485d5a1cfcd2c6ddcd6f30dcbb61aa838dae
üst e1f9228c
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ ifneq (,$(if $(CROSS_COMPILING),,T)$(filter ODK,$(BUILD_TYPE)))
$(eval $(call gb_Module_add_targets,codemaker,\
StaticLibrary_codemaker \
StaticLibrary_codemaker_cpp \
$(if $(filter TRUE,$(ENABLE_JAVA)),StaticLibrary_codemaker_java) \
$(if $(filter TRUE,$(ENABLE_JAVA)),Executable_javamaker) \
StaticLibrary_codemaker_java \
Executable_javamaker \
Executable_cppumaker \
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