Kaydet (Commit) af11abf3 authored tarafından Miklos Vajna's avatar Miklos Vajna

SwViewShell::ImplEndAction: still paint directly when non-double-buffering

It turns out that in this case it hurts performance if we go via
invaliation-then-paint instead of direct painting when double-buffering
is not enabled.

Related commits:

- beb4aa21 (SwViewShell::ImplEndAction:
  avoid direct paint, 2015-06-29) and
  c9175a1b (SwViewShell::ImplEndAction:
  avoid direct PaintDesktop(), 2015-07-03) globally avoided direct paints
- 222f10e7 (tdf#93096 sw: fix selection
  with keyboard outside current view, 2015-08-18) restored direct paint
  when non-double-buffering for the second commit, this one does the
  same for the first

Change-Id: Ida0c6917a8cdec74209bd64813c7876d4fa61b8a
üst 3fac8cf4
......@@ -419,7 +419,10 @@ void SwViewShell::ImplEndAction( const bool bIdleEnd )
if ( bPaintsFromSystem )
PaintDesktop(*GetOut(), aRect);
if (!isTiledRendering())
pCurrentLayout->Paint( *mpOut, aRect );
// #i75172# end DrawingLayer paint
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