Kaydet (Commit) a7f8047f authored tarafından Christian Lohmaier's avatar Christian Lohmaier

bump product versino to

Change-Id: I5378a7460c94118973e3ff7e4a03ba1769205890
üst c98b1f1c
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ dnl in order to create a configure script.
# several non-alphanumeric characters, those are split off and used only for the
# ABOUTBOXPRODUCTVERSIONSUFFIX in openoffice.lst. Why that is necessary, no idea.
dnl libnumbertext needs autoconf 2.68, but that can pick up autoconf268 just fine if it is installed
dnl whereas aclocal (as run by autogen.sh) insists on using autoconf and fails hard
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