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Added (and improved) READMEs for modules which used to be in libs-gui

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Provides a BitmapDevice: the vcl software renderer
Provides algorithms and data types for bitmap graphics
e.g. line and fill polygon scan conversion, bitmap format iterators, and a SalGraphics-compatible software renderer
Used for example for wmf / svm files.
E.g. used when you do -headless, and have no DISPLAY set - it's an all-software backend for the LibO graphic backend. also see [git:vcl/headless].
Algorithms and data types for graphics (e.g. polygons, vectors, matrices and the like - see that used in [[canvas]]).
The new OOo Canvas Framework
New canvas implementation to improve rendering, various backends implement the new XCanvas API eg. Cairo / DirectX.
== The new OOo Canvas Framework ==
The new OpenOffice.org canvas framework is the successor of the system
GUI and graphics backend VCL. Basic functionality is available,
......@@ -24,11 +25,10 @@ Armin's recent drawing layer fixups also make use of it), which
resides in /graphics/basegfx. From these modules, six libraries are
currently delivered, namely vclcanvas.uno.dll, javacanvas.jar,
directxcanvas.uno.dll, canvastools680mi.dll, cppcanvas680mi.dll, and
The new OOo slideshow engine
== The new OOo slideshow engine ==
The new OpenOffice.org slideshow engine will replace the current
Impress-embedded presentation framework with a fully independent UNO
GUI-related helper classes
Helper C++ classes for [[canvas]], plus a GDIMetaFile-to-XCanvas converter.
Clipboard abstraction - data transfer.
Very basic template functionality, a bit like boost or stl, but specific to LibO
From [http://blog.thebehrens.net/2006/01/15/update-cow_wrapper-is-available-now/]
The scope for o3tl is admittedly kind of ambitious, as it should contain "...very basic (template)
functionality, comparable to what's provided by boost or stl, but specific to OOo (what comes to mind
are e.g. stl adapters for our own data types and UNO, and stuff that could in principle be upstreamed
to boost, but isn't as of now)."
== Class overview ==
A copy-on-write wrapper.
heap_ptr<> owns an object on the heap, which will be automatically deleted, when ~heap_ptr<>() is called.
This template collects data in input type, and updates the output type with the given update functor,
but only if the output is requested. Useful if updating is expensive, or input changes frequently, but
output is only comparatively seldom used.
Represents a range of integer or iterator values.
Simple vector-based memory pool allocator.
Some more templates. Contains also templates from STLport's functional header that are not part of the
C++ standard (STLport has been replaced by direct use of the C++ STL in Libre Office).
Printer administration dialog - used lpr - obsolete with CUPS and fontconfig, but still used for some things.
Contains ppds for use by psprint when not using CUPS.
(CH: psprint seems to have been gone ???)
This is a regexp parser.
Please see my (not so?) crazy hack idea about removing it from here and the reasoning.
For additional fun, this source file is part of GNU regexp which is geared towards usage in emacs,
so if you ever wondered why LibreOffice is so great, now you know :-).
Resource Compiler.
There is some German documentation about it in a subdirectory called [git:rsc/doku].
Seems to be very old (January 1992).
From rsc.sdw (in German):
The StarView Resource Compiler (rsc) is used, to convert the system-independent
resources in the description files to native description files which in turn are
compiled efficiently (runtime) by the system's native resource compiler in binary
Wrapper around expat using UNO.
Compound file storage tools code.
Tools on top of VCL. Common dialogs, file and print dialogs, wizards, vcl filters, lots of helper code.
Abstract windowing thing, UNO implementations of windows stuff so that it can be used from Basic.
Predates sal - string etc . functions, url manip, stream stuff, polygons, etc.
C++ wrappers to help make using content providers easy.
Helpers for C++ use of UNO.
Visual Components Library is responsible for the widgets (windowing, buttons, controls, etc.) operating system abstraction, including basic rendering (e.g. the output device).
Welcome to the Visual Class Libraries (vcl) code
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