Kaydet (Commit) 828a7ffd authored tarafından Matteo Casalin's avatar Matteo Casalin

Do not overwrite data with same value

After emplace_back there are at least 2 elements, and GetPrevPos
would point to previous back().
Commit 5e913234 removed
a possible modification of such data, so this operation is now

Change-Id: Ia5bec5e9b16e9dc9f34c7cf1dbb8e3f17510d83b
üst df1a10da
......@@ -72,9 +72,7 @@ void SdrDragStat::NextMove(const Point& rPnt)
void SdrDragStat::NextPoint()
Point aPnt(mvPnts.back());
mvPnts[GetPrevPos()] = aPnt;
void SdrDragStat::PrevPoint()
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