Kaydet (Commit) 7030d03c authored tarafından jan Iversen's avatar jan Iversen

iOS, avoid copying res files.

the resource files are compiled into the code, so no
need to copy the resource files.

LibreOfficeKit compiles for arm64
A few link problems outstanding

Change-Id: I82ba6f2582b01b2cc5180fd1ee732c7c8458275d
üst 4829d41c
......@@ -59,12 +59,6 @@ $(LO_XCCONFIG) :
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/services/services.rdb $(IOSRESOURCE)/services
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/services.rdb $(IOSRESOURCE)
# copy .res files
# program/resource is hardcoded in unotools/source/i18n/resmgr.cxx. Sure,
# we could set STAR_RESOURCE_PATH instead. sigh...
mkdir -p $(IOSRESOURCE)/program/resource
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/resource/*en-US.res $(IOSRESOURCE)/program/resource
# soffice.cfg
mkdir -p $(IOSRESOURCE)/share/config
cp -R $(INSTDIR)/share/config/soffice.cfg $(IOSRESOURCE)/share/config
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