Kaydet (Commit) 6c9aa14c authored tarafından Caolán McNamara's avatar Caolán McNamara

build WordProCellsMap much faster

Change-Id: I1fbc1f7ec14c8133fb8fcd3532d5d551dcc7ddfb
üst a9be0b6a
......@@ -460,10 +460,7 @@ void LwpTableLayout::TraverseTable()
sal_uInt32 nCount = m_nRows*m_nCols;
// new cell map nRow*nCOl and initialize
for (sal_uInt32 iLoop = 0; iLoop < nCount; ++iLoop)
m_WordProCellsMap.insert(m_WordProCellsMap.end(), nCount, m_pDefaultCellLayout);
// set value
LwpObjectID& rRowID = GetChildHead();
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