Kaydet (Commit) 64eac4e0 authored tarafından Pranav Kant's avatar Pranav Kant

Fix no longer valid comment

This was changed in d72aad21

Change-Id: Ie93f603c82669ca612fbf9635a62c50e63702a85
üst c23f735e
......@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ class ImplSchedulerDataPrinter(object):
'''Prints the ImplSchedulerData linked list.
This can be used to dump the current state of the scheduler via:
p *ImplGetSVData()->mpFirstSchedulerData
p *ImplGetSVData()->maSchedCtx.mpFirstSchedulerData
This doesn't include currently invoked tasks AKA the stack.
To dump the scheduler stack of invoked tasks use:
p *ImplGetSVData()->mpSchedulerStack
p *ImplGetSVData()->maSchedCtx.mpSchedulerStack
def __init__(self, typename, value):
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