Kaydet (Commit) 553084d4 authored tarafından David Tardon's avatar David Tardon

only create all-langs installer for windows

We produce standalone -langpack packages elsewhere. This should get the
size of the main dmg for MacOS X back to normal.

Change-Id: Ifd0cb1f9e31fe211c15636ddb6653e3672570819
üst d92643a5
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ ifeq (TRUE,$(LIBO_DEV_INSTALL))
rmdir $(DEVINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive_sdk/LibreOffice*_SDK
rmdir $(DEVINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive_sdk
$(call instsetoo_native_install_command,openoffice,$(instsetoo_native_WITH_LANG),,,$(PKGFORMAT))
$(call instsetoo_native_install_command,openoffice,$(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)),$(instsetoo_native_WITH_LANG),en-US),,,$(PKGFORMAT))
ifeq (ODK,$(filter ODK,$(BUILD_TYPE)))
$(call instsetoo_native_install_command,sdkoo,en-US,_SDK,,$(PKGFORMAT))
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