Kaydet (Commit) 3d67e273 authored tarafından Christian Lohmaier's avatar Christian Lohmaier

don't limit the 0 → 1 replacement in release to deb

since there are rpm-frontends that do their own version comparison that
is different from rpm itself.

Change-Id: Iddf38c14e7f48eec5d043de57e3404fcd9da24f7
üst 80075798
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ $(foreach pkgformat,$(5),\
-l $(subst $(WHITESPACE),$(COMMA),$(strip $(2))) \
-p LibreOffice$(if $(ENABLE_RELEASE_BUILD),,_Dev)$(3) \
-u $(instsetoo_OUT) \
-buildid $(if $(filter deb0,$(pkgformat)$(LIBO_VERSION_PATCH)),1,$(LIBO_VERSION_PATCH)) \
-buildid $(if $(filter deb0 rpm0,$(pkgformat)$(LIBO_VERSION_PATCH)),1,$(LIBO_VERSION_PATCH)) \
$(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)), \
-msitemplate $(dir $@)msi_templates \
-msilanguage $(dir $@)win_ulffiles \
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