Kaydet (Commit) 385e9afe authored tarafından Caolán McNamara's avatar Caolán McNamara

coverity#1327210 UwF: Unwritten field

Change-Id: I6fb5b18b6a6e51727d7350039da97f06f65736ff
üst 79831c6d
......@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ public class OfficeReport extends Element
private Node pageHeader;
private Node pageFooter;
private Node columnHeader;
private Node reportHeader;
private Node reportFooter;
private Node bodySection;
......@@ -83,7 +82,7 @@ public class OfficeReport extends Element
public Node getColumnHeader()
return columnHeader;
return null;
public Node getColumnFooter()
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