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update l10ntools README

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helpcontent2 @ 53421e10
Subproject commit fa745869546271e13d89b3ffbf5a18ebf70efaa4
Subproject commit 53421e107f2e8c933e463e03a6bb7a0178b3ff85
l10ntools contains a number of tools that handle internationalisation(i18n) during the build.
l10ntools (l10n = localization) contains a number of tools that extract
translatable content from source code and merge translations back to
source code during the build.
translations @ ae82c7e8
Subproject commit ed3c1d45520761d3ef9a13b2ce19b05f9dba5421
Subproject commit ae82c7e8c304794a9a534c6dd202b5d94c32e82a
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