Kaydet (Commit) 2903c5f5 authored tarafından Muthu Subramanian's avatar Muthu Subramanian

n#734735: Use full available size for pie charts.

üst 9d548d56
......@@ -1408,11 +1408,13 @@ awt::Rectangle ChartView::impl_createDiagramAndContent( SeriesPlotterContainer&
uno::Reference< drawing::XShapes > xSeriesTargetInFrontOfAxis(0);
uno::Reference< drawing::XShapes > xSeriesTargetBehindAxis(0);
VDiagram aVDiagram(xDiagram, aPreferredAspectRatio, nDimensionCount);
bool bIsPieOrDonut = lcl_IsPieOrDonut(xDiagram);
{//create diagram
xSeriesTargetInFrontOfAxis = aVDiagram.getCoordinateRegion();
if( !bUseFixedInnerSize )
// It is preferrable to use full size than minimum for pie charts
if( !bIsPieOrDonut && !bUseFixedInnerSize )
......@@ -1439,7 +1441,6 @@ awt::Rectangle ChartView::impl_createDiagramAndContent( SeriesPlotterContainer&
//use first coosys only so far; todo: calculate for more than one coosys if we have more in future
//todo: this is just a workaround at the moment for pie and donut labels
bool bIsPieOrDonut = lcl_IsPieOrDonut(xDiagram);
if( !bIsPieOrDonut && (!rVCooSysList.empty()) )
VCoordinateSystem* pVCooSys = rVCooSysList[0];
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