Kaydet (Commit) 1d3de59a authored tarafından Eike Rathke's avatar Eike Rathke

Use $(ICU_MAJOR) instead of hard coded (Upgrade to ICU 62.1)

Change-Id: Ifea7072922388b2c0b7631fb809b23e2a5524a3c
üst e244c2c5
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ $(IOSGEN)/native-code.h: $(BUILDDIR)/config_host.mk \
> $(IOSGEN)/native-code.h
# copy resource files used to start/run LibreOffice
cp $(WORKDIR)/UnpackedTarball/icu/source/data/in/icudt61l.dat $(IOSRES)/icudt61l.dat
cp $(WORKDIR)/UnpackedTarball/icu/source/data/in/icudt$(ICU_MAJOR)l.dat $(IOSRES)/icudt$(ICU_MAJOR)l.dat
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/types.rdb $(IOSRES)/udkapi.rdb
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/types/offapi.rdb $(IOSRES)
cp $(INSTDIR)/program/types/oovbaapi.rdb $(IOSRES)
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