Kaydet (Commit) 0d3c536d authored tarafından Michael Stahl's avatar Michael Stahl

fix make test-install on WNT

Change-Id: I681f2c4989b88943fe57e6173554a019539a18cc
üst a323a7df
......@@ -299,14 +299,14 @@ endif
@echo "If you want to edit the .ui files with glade first execute:"
ifeq ($(OS),LINUX)
ifneq ($(OS),MACOSX)
@echo "Test installation finished, you can now execute:"
@echo "$(TESTINSTALLDIR)/program/soffice"
else ifeq ($(OS),MACOSX)
@echo " $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/program/soffice"
@echo "Developer installation finished, you can now run:"
@echo "Test installation finished, you can now run:"
@echo " open $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice.app"
......@@ -98,7 +98,8 @@ $(call gb_CustomTarget_get_workdir,instsetoo_native/install)/install.phony:
$(call instsetoo_native_install_command,openoffice,en-US,,,archive)
unzip -q -d $(TESTINSTALLDIR) $(instsetoo_OUT)/LibreOffice$(if $(ENABLE_RELEASE_BUILD),,_Dev)/archive/install/en-US/LibreOffice*_archive.zip
mv $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive/* $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/
mv $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive/LibreOffice*/* $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/
rmdir $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive/LibreOffice*
rmdir $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice*_archive
ifeq (ODK,$(filter ODK,$(BUILD_TYPE)))
$(call instsetoo_native_install_command,sdkoo,en-US,_SDK,,archive)
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