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    compilerplugins: try to make these work with icecream · ff002524
    Michael Stahl yazdı
    There are some problems here, this should fix one of them: the
    getFilename function returns "<stdin>" for spelling locations, because
    the input to clang is sort of preprocessed via -frewrite-includes if
    icecream is used and the file is built on a remote host (whereas it's
    apparently not preprocessed if the file is compiled locally by icecream).
    Using getPresumedLoc() uses the #line directives in the preprocessed
    input, which avoids the problem but is more expensive, so try to use it
    only when necessary.
    The getFileEntry(getMainFileID())->getName() pattern will also result
    in "<stdin>", but fortunately icecream passes -main-file-name,
    which oddly enough isn't used by the SourceManager's spelling locations,
    but is available separately via CodeGenOptions.
    This builds everything successfully with clang version 6.0.0:
    ICECC_PREFERRED_HOST=myremote make check gb_SUPPRESS_TESTS=t
    Change-Id: Ic121511683e5302d7b9d85186c8b9c4a5443fa1b
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