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    make l10n buildable separately · 04dead1c
    Bjoern Michaelsen yazdı
    - this renames the 'almost' module target to non-l10n
    - and adds a l10n target which is intended to only build l10n parts of
      the product
    - packagers should then be able to build l10n and non-l10n parts of the
      product independently, thus:
       - enable quicker rebuilds
       - distribution of load
       - updates to l10n without a full rebuild
       - security fixes to binaries without rebuilding all l10n
    - the new targets are called build-l10n-only and build-non-l10n-only
    - note this is not intended to move a concept of split packages
      upstream -- while this exsists in distros, the number of test
      scenarios for this would explode upstream
    Change-Id: Ib8ccc9bc52718d9b0ebbfee76ad93dc29c260863
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