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    Make building installation sets depend on --with-package-format=... · 8fc7e560
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...instead of inconsitently having it depend on --enable-epm for some platforms
    and having it always enabled on Windows.  Only Android and iOS are presumably
    still special and build any installation sets in their specific modules and
    outside instsetoo_native.
    One consequence is that for a non-Windows --enable-online-update
    --without-package-format build, instdir's version ini-file contains an
    UpdateURL that ends in just "?pkgfmt=" without an actual format identifier.
    However, checking whether the update feature would actually work is difficult
    for most such developer builds, anyway.
    Change-Id: If14fcf0b2e612499811e8a6e067a854bda612c42
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