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    New unoidl-check tool to replace regcompare · cbea5d30
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...for checking compatibility with the reference rdbs.  unoidl-check is no
    longer based on the legacy registry format, but can process all the various new
    UNOIDL registry formats.  regcompare is still included in the SDK for now.
    (gb_UnoApi[Target]_set_reference_rdbfile now takes a non-empty sequence of rdb
    files, any necessary dependencies of the final rdf file preceding it just like
    it is required on the unoidl-check command line.  Also, executing the
    unoidl-check now properly depends on those rdb files.)
    TODO: unoidl-check is too conservative for now and flags some changes as
    incompatible that are not.
    Change-Id: I92e4c69403c5e3fcb31707c98c65a2f509592dd4
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