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    fdo#67186 switch reporbuilder to null date == 1899-12-30 · cab9b82f
    Lionel Elie Mamane yazdı
    This brings it in line with the default for other LibreOffice
    components (e.g. Calc), or with the only supported value (e.g. Writer
    tables), respectively.
    Configure Pentaho jfreereport to also take null date == 1899-12-30
    This combined allows reportbuilder to make absolutely no fiddly
    conversion itself, leaving them to jfreereport and Writer table
    cell format.
     - Make absolutely no conversion itself, also e.g. for booleans.
     - ODF compliance: make the value-type match the set foo-value attribute.
     - Use value-type="void" instead of empty value-type="string"
    Change-Id: I67990232dbc9e86ac3fa37cd0c20edecb87cf8ee
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