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    Related fdo#51252: No more prereg, no more unopkg sync · 6dcb3d4e
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    Now that 5c47e5f6 "fdo#51252 Disable copying
    share/prereg/bundled to avoid startup crashes" removed the use of share/prereg,
    there is no longer need to generate it in the first place (by calling "unopkg
    sync" at build or installation time), and so no need for the "unopkg sync" sub-
    command, either.  This also allows to simplify some of the jvmfwk code that was
    only there so that "unopkg sync" (which can require a JVM) can work in "hostile"
    environments (during build and installation).
    Change-Id: I52657384f4561bf27948ba4f0f88f4498e90987f
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