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    Avoid -Werror=stringop-truncation · 26688cf0
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    ...as emitted by at least GCC 8.2 with --enable-optimized.  These are not
    actually problems, as in both cases strncpy(p,...,N-1) is used to copy a
    string into an area p of length N that has initially been zero-initialized, so
    p[N-1] will already contain NUL.  But add the (redundant) p[N-1]=NUL just in
    case, and to silence GCC (where the documentation explicitly recommends this
    additional write as a way to silence the warning).  Unfortunately, in hstyle.cxx
    at least GCC 8.2 with --enable-optimized would still emit the warning, even
    though it uses the recommended way of handling it, so needs to be silenced with
    a #pragma.
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