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    tdf#115554: Create tar archives using 'fakeroot' · 2b266a33
    Michael Weghorn yazdı
    'tar' must be run as root or faked to be run as root,
    to make sure that file ownerships and permissions inside
    the created tar archives are as desired (root:root).
    Have fakeroot take care about creating an appropriate
    environment rather than using the custom "libgetuid",
    to no longer have to care about tar internals by ourselves.
    This fixes the problem that file ownerships are incorrect
    when tar version >= 1.24 is used for
    * tar archives holding all the generated deb/rpm packages
      (created in 'download.pm')
    * tar archives created by using the
      '--with-pacakage-format=archive' autogen option
      (created in 'simplepackage.pm')
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