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    HAVE_CXX14_CONSTEXPR is always true now · 7d928d8c
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    ...but for safety, leave the configure.ac check in for some longer.
    o3tl::array_view::max_size (include/o3tl/array_view.hxx) and
    o3tl::basic_string_view::max_size (include/o3tl/string_view.hxx) started to
    produce loplugin:staticmethods warnings, which I silenced by /not/ making the
    functions static.  Those classes are meant to be temporary drop-in replacements
    for standard classes (std::span slated for C++20, prev. std::array_view; and
    std::basic_string_view, resp.), so should have the same behavior as their
    standard counterparts (and making the functions static would likely cause
    loplugin:staticaccess warnings at call sites).
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