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    Make a bit cleaner transformation of help strings · ce51bf1a
    Zolnai Tamás yazdı
    *Not escape tags and double quots in tags,
     but find tags(icu regexp) when merge and
     use this infromation to make strings valid.
    *Define a new Quot function for helpex,
     which works with icu UnicodeCharacter.
    *Move tag search to xmlparse.cxx and use icu
     just in helpex.
    *QuotHTML not unescape just replace xml charcters.
     (unescaping is also useless in uimerge.cxx)
    *Move UnQuotHTML() to helper.
     (was used it in xmlparse.cxx and cfgmerge.cxx)
    *Use UnQuotHTML() in uimerge.cxx too.
    Change-Id: Ice8940ef69279709a1c5d84c6ae1b0d62a71ca76
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