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    Resolves: coverity#705366 Mixing enum types · 396138a6
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    coverity#705367 Mixing enum types
    coverity#705371 Mixing enum types
    coverity#982694 Mixing enum types
    coverity#1027717 Mixing enum types
    coverity#1371228 Mixing enum types
    coverity#1371242 Mixing enum types
    coverity#1371280 Mixing enum types
    coverity#1371310 Mixing enum types
    MapUnit and SfxMapUnit share the same values and
    are freely cast from one to the other.
    Now that
    commit d30a4298
    Date:   Thu Aug 11 15:02:19 2016 +0200
        loplugin:unusedenumconstants in package..svtools
    removed the SfxMapUnit entries that were directly unused, they
    don't match anymore and casting from one to the other is dangerous.
    Why there was two of these anyway escapes me, get rid of SfxMapUnit
    and just use MapUnit universally
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