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    Extension shared library components must not use the "prefix" feature · 3bafe5f5
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    ...at least no non-bundled ones, see 9dfcee9266c9769153444cdcd4ab0e6e636c3eb6
    "Not being able to honor a 'prefix' is a rather hard error" and the description
    there how that can lead to a crash when using mysql-connector-ooo.oxt:  "'rm -rf
    instdir/*/share/extensions/mysql-connector-ooo', 'instdir/*/program/soffice
    workdir/*/Extension/mysql-connector.oxt', install the [extension] per-user, then
    'File - New - Database - Connect to an existing database: MySQL - Next >> -
    Connect directly - Next >> - Database name: foo - Server / Port - Server: bar -
    Next >> - Test Connection', crash."
    This is a partial revert of cd79d514 "prefix all
    component_getFactory methods."
    Change-Id: Ia7a6272eb0597e3b3bbf4ab333174b3232448539
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