Kaydet (Commit) 2eaf1474 authored tarafından Hakan Dündar's avatar Hakan Dündar

New: Show F5 shortcut of Refresh action (main menu)

üst dcccf6df
......@@ -430,9 +430,9 @@ class MainWindow():
# Menu actions
# "Refresh" action
action = Gio.SimpleAction.new("refresh", None)
action.connect("activate", Common.current_tab_refresh, self)
# Get "Refresh" action and append it to main menu.
# This action and its accelerator were generated after main window is shown.
action = self.main_window.lookup_action("refresh_tab")
# "General Settings" action
action = Gio.SimpleAction.new("settings", None)
action.connect("activate", self.on_main_menu_settings_button_clicked)
......@@ -444,7 +444,7 @@ class MainWindow():
# Menu model
main_menu_model = Gio.Menu.new()
main_menu_model.append(_tr("Refresh"), "win.refresh")
main_menu_model.append(_tr("Refresh"), "win.refresh_tab")
main_menu_model.append(_tr("General Settings"), "win.settings")
main_menu_model.append(_tr("About"), "win.about")
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